We project a creative truth into the universe

Our truth begins with creative thought. Total unique expression. In the minds of those who find compassion in creativity. Write about the world. Or if you stubbed your toe one morning. From light to dark, up and down, the limits are only in the characters that are given to you.

You are free to write. Free of censorship here.

  • Project: To throw or cause to fall upon a surface or into space, as a ray of light or a shadow
  • Maxim: Aphorism; apothegm, truism, reflection (idea); conclusion (judgment); principle, principia; settled principal, formula.

By combining these two ideas, we project a creative truth into the universe. Using creative nature as a specific truth and understanding its possibilities can have immense impact on the foundation of someone's soul. Write and share, we will.

Is it not a challenge to consider existence existentially beyond the tangible? Share your thoughts and join our Project-Maxim.

A little history

This project came about in 2001. And aspiring creative (brokenreality) sought a freedom project based on words.

Project-Maxim began as a free 8.5"x11" printed newsletter, where anyone could write and contribute. Pick your own topic, submit when you feel fit. It will be printed every week, and those interested can help hand it out. And that's where it all took flight. Brokenreality began the day by handing out a newsletter in the hallway of his high school to people he knew and curious ones around. It was fun to produce and brought people together. Then there was a day when the administration of the high school found Project-Maxim as a bad idea, and an unauthorized solicitation. Four issues in, Dan had to gracefully shut down the production of Project-Maxim's newsletter, and brought it to the web.

Digital delivery

Project-Maxim has taken on a whole new form. We're alive and well, and online :) Allowing dynamic interaction and 24/7 online access to the once flourishing Project-Maxim. A community of expressive people all submitting at their will, and best yet, for the world to see.


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