Rock is Dead

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"Rock is Dead"

Its funny when you look at the generations of music over the years. Lets start with Elvis. From the Elvis period came the Beatles and all those feel good American and British pop bands of the 60s. Then came Jim fucking Morrison and The Doors, Janis Joplin and the wave of anti establishment hippie/psychedelic rock bands of the late 60s. Enter Alice Cooper, KISS, and Bowie in the 70s, and who could forget, although some of us would like to, the punk scene. Motley Crue and Ozzy in the 80s. And finally Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Slipknot, Insane Clown Posse and Nine Inch Nails in the 90s/00s. Sadly, I have to throw grunge in there too. What do all these bands have in common? A whole lotta people hate or have hated them. Mainly parents and religious folk. Why were they hated? Because they werent afraid to do something fucking different and say fuck you to the mainstream. Every generation has had someone that everyone hates, whether they love to hate them or not. ICP made a living off being the self proclaimed 'most hated band in the world.' Its striking how things work. Which leads me to my point. Music today has no villain. Theres nothing special about it, theres nothing new, nothing rebellious. The 'metal scene' these days is the emo generation all grown up making bullshit like 'deathcore' or 'progressive doom screamo' or even better, 'nintendo-core.' Im sorry, what the fuck is that? Nintendo-core? What ever happened to throwing on your stage gear (back when stage costumes actually fucking used to matter), getting out there and basically telling everyone and their mother to fuck themselves through your set. But then again, I suppose this could be a form of rebellion? Im sorry, if this is your idea of rebellion, its sadly not working. Not to mention the fact that it does all sound the fucking same. Ive been told over the years that all my music sounds the same from people who've never listened to it. That isnt the case. Ive heard whats out today, both on the radio and on the streets. Breakdowns, tight pants, bright colors, female hair styles, lip rings, anyrexic-thin...every single band. All of them. Screaming bullshit or whining their fucking hearts out. Im not attacking fans of this music, so please dont take offense. Im simply stating that in my opinion, as a musician, observer, and someone who has seen and acknowledged cultural change through controversy in music, rock music is dead. The term 'metal music' in my mind now registers as conformity and lack of heart, respect, pride and ability to entertain. Unless for the first time, instead of there being one or a hand full of villains in the music scene, the entire scene is now the villain by being normal and laid back. Hmmm.....Just gave myself a massive headache.
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by Johnnie Bats


I stare at the same images and listen to songs that just do not mean anything. But If i Had one argument yes they keep selling us a whole lot of the same shit, even as a metal player i know it. Maybe you just need to filter through. I do love your opinion but. As a musician myself. I cant even watch a show unless its a huge ass band or I am playing. But music is the bellows to the tears of our fire. The shit happens and we can not do a damn thing. Except turn off mtv and ignore it. But you have to look at music as an evolution thing. A black president. Yeah alot of kids will set stupid ass music as a ringtone but in the end the unpolished will shine itself and shine through. Believe me i have been just as pissed.

Vernon James Eaton - 2009-06-05

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