The Love of my Life Leaving Forever

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I love her,
She says she loves me,
She breaks my heart,
“Please accept my apology?”
Repetitive behavior.
Should I trust her not to break my heart anymore than she already has?
I think I’ll let her have one more chance,
She does it again,
And I’ll say “Goodbye.”
“No please!”
“Your own fault, should’ve learned not to do that,”
“Please don’t do this?”
“I’m not going to be your bitch anymore; I’m not going to change for you.”
They say ignorance is bliss.
I ignore her,
I get bliss out of it?
Not too sure about that one.
I love her and I know I always will,
And my mind can’t overwhelm the love I have for her with anger.
So I know I’ll be the foolish boy I am again someday, and forgive her,
And it’ll happen again and again.
The love I have for her is stronger than any other,
But soon shall it shatter to pieces?
She gives no reasons on why she can’t say a simple,
“I love you.”
To me anymore,
The things that could’ve happened racing through my head,
I can’t quite figure what’ve happened.
And the life I’m forced to live is the life I’ll soon regret.

Notes from me:
Look, I know it’s a tad long, but read it, its all true, all that happened.
Well, not all, I didn’t tell her goodbye or anything.
But yeah,
I’m not thinking about committing suicide or anything. So don’t worry.
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by Ocid


i love how words make you realize people aren't as different as they seem. your story is sad, and i feel for you and hope you find answers and happiness. your story is also relatable and i know i've been there, either as you or your girlfriend. love is a crazy thing.

TabulaRasa - 2008-09-16

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