Into the Night

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For those of you who know me, I have become really involved with the movie Repo the Genetic Opera. I'm going to be playing a character from the movie, Amber Sweet in a shadow cast. Because of this I wrote a brief paragraph as the character to get into her head a bit more:

The night air didn’t feel cold. It didn’t feel like anything. Just stale, empty, night. She can remember a time when the words ‘stale’ and ‘night’ were never spoken in the same sentence, but she was young then. And memories fade in the face of reality. Now as she puts on her coat she wonder’s why bother? People go outside in much less. But the part of her that remembers ‘crisp’ ‘cool’ nights slips on the long coat. The part of her that is still a little girl, gazing at stars which can still be seen, puts on a hat too, just in case. In case of what, the grown woman isn’t sure. But the little girl knows, and that’s all that matters for now. Because once she finds him the little girl will be lost. Lost in the haze of the glow, unable to come out for a good long while. And then the woman won’t have to remember. The woman won’t have to feel anything. Just his hands on her face as he pulls her down with him into oblivion. And with that thought the woman puts on her mask. The mask the world sees as a face and the little girl sees as a prison. And with her mask she goes in search of the man with the cure. The cure for the pain, and the memories.

© 2009
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by TabulaRasa


I see everlasting challenge of character and personal revolution. Dig it!

brokenreality - 2009-04-16


TabulaRasa - 2009-04-16

The reason this gets a five from me is because this is exactly the type of thing I imagine Amber thinking, behind her perfect visage that she is contantly trying to alter to achive perfection. Shes simply a little girl who forgot what the stars look like.

GenKy - 2009-04-23

Thank you Genk, my darling wifey. That means a lot because as a fellow repo junky i know you really get it :)

TabulaRasa - 2009-04-23

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