music manufactured

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ive been noticing more and more lately how music as an art form itself is dying
thanks to things like myspace records
where every idiot who literally speaks about fucking over nintendo like beats
can be signed and considered a professional musician
and be overly glorified for doing something literally everyone can do
(congratulations you can work fruity loops i dont wanna see you prep for a show)
i know that seems hypocritical from my original statement
that music is an art form so who am i to say whats good or not
and thats true its all based on opinion
but if this is where music is headed
then im fucking terrified
like everything else in this decaying world
the soul itself of music is dying
and is being replaced with a highly produced culture of sex and self indulgence
granted thats always been the heart of music
(i mean look at the 80s)
but what the fuck happened to subtlety?
we went from "love gun" and cherry pie"
to highly graphic description like
"your so wet so tight"
its not right wheres the creativity?
wheres the beauty?
its still here but its hidden and dwindling from everything
some of the worlds best bands will never be heard by most
cause they dont get the credit that they deserve
because everyones getting so close minded
they listen to what theyre told to
and they do
so heres to a future without another "stairway"
another "hurt"
no more sgt pepper
no elvis no sinatra
no beauty
just music manufactured
thanks to everyone who filled out musics DNR card
i hope your there when it flatlines
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by vyrsai


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