Angels touch

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This is a second draft of the story of Angels touch, some almost all of it has been edited except the parts where there are a lot of spelling mistakes so forgive me for the major fail.

Angels touch

She walked down the cold corridors, the street lights had been turned off, and not a single laugh , cry , or person could be seen. " Perfect timing" she thought, the keys in her pocket taken out as she dangled them , the click of the door nob opening. Her body going inside the house her hands not turning on the light switch and noticed a shadow walking towards her.

A small black tabby cat purring in welcoming. Her arms picking it up, as she petted it loving the sensation of his fur on her skin . The door closing in one movement, the screach from the cat alerting her of somebody else in the house.

The cat jumping out of her arms and dashing away into the darknes, a hand carresed her shoulder and whipped around, her long dark locks being trimmed to half it's size by invicible blades. Her eyes kept shut not looking at the human, or beast before her for fear of expecting a mistfortune to her luck and life.

Her chin tilted a frown forming on her face, her hair was being inspected perfect she thought. " Perfect cut , more beautiful than those long locks, she used to wear." She heard a deep male voice tell her, lips nibbling slightly in a teasing manner on her own lips making her flush a dark red. She wanted to kiss them so badly, Her waist pinned to the waist of the man, both strong arms curling around her waist in possesive manner.

Her eyes opening to reveal the pale blue creature, wings on his back body armour covering his chest horns on his head faint short black hair. Blue eyes staring at her brown ones his guards surrounding her. She struggled away, the guards pointed their blades at her, " My own body guards." he said chuckling at her failure. " Like if I did not know that, and your not real." she told herself rubbing her eyes, and opening them to see blank space, just darkness around her. " WAs that all a dream." she whispered and heard the door bell ring.

One of her brown eyes peeking through the security whole seeing the visitor to be a thin man, with dreadlock hair, simple green shirt, and jeans. Outside pacing to and fro playing with his fingers. Her tan hand oppening the door smiling sweetly at the man. the stranger jerked away from the door in mild shock, " Good night what can I help you with" courteosly she asked him, his body pelted inside without her invitation , or permission to go into her house.

She closed the door and followed him inside, stopping when her stopped and turned around facing her. " Miss I have been watching you perform for 3 years, I was wondering if you could give me the privilege of spending one night with you." He confessed to her, his hand extending to her face, his fingers brushing the outline of her cheek.

The angel with horns behind the man, staring at her grinning evily. " your not real" she told herself mentally and walked over to the light switch turning on the light. the stranger blinking accustoming himself to the light. " what is your name?" she asked him, Noticing a new trait that was not noticeble in the moonlight his bushy dark brown beard, Which infact made him look older than her and handsome. " It's it's it's Dave" he stuttered. " What is yours" he asked her, her hand grabbing his as she kissed it and stared at his eyes, " My name is sam." she told him, both of them staring at eachothers eyes noticing eachothers expressions. " Short hair suits you" He complimented her,a smile on sams lips.

Leading him into her living room, she sat him down on her couch and walked to the kitchen yelling, " Thanks for your comment on my hair , and would you like a beverage." She said looking at her fridge seeing bear and juices, plus milk and food. " If you have a non alcoholic beverage, it would be perfect." She heard him respond, and took out the milk and served two glassesand came back to the living room.

His large hands patting the seat next to him , asking her to sit right beside him, his left hand taking the drink and his right rested on her thigh. He nursed the drink in his hand, and just stared down at the floor , " Thankyou" he told her a unique smile appearing on sams lips, " Why are you so sweet with me?" she asked him, resting her body on the couch. His brown golden eyes staring at her now, " I want to be nice to you, so that it is a nice experience for both of us tonight." He finished, Sams eyes looking at him blinking, the distance between them dissapearing.

Daves arms large arms embraced her in a cuddle, her body feeling secure, more secure than with any other man she had been with. " Am i falling in love with you ?" she asked him, his face inching closer to her, their lips centimeters apart as he leaned in to kiss her face. " Why do you think i came tonight, You are my soul mate" He whispered into her ear, and lightly carresed her cheek.

Her dress lifted halfway, her feet raised to his shoulders,his hands unting her left shoe, followed by her right high heel. A giggle escaped her lips. His hands exploring both her legs finding where her stockings ended. his hands pulling them revealing her white skin inch by inch and threw them on the ground, " come here" she told him, his arm resting her leg on the sofa edge and leaned in, her body kneelig pulling his shirt over her head and threw it to the carpet floor." bettter" She complimented him. A chuckle, and blush on Daves cheeks " You ready" he asked her , Sam now blushing slightly and noticed that he had her legs resting on his shoulder again.

His kisses trailing down to her thigh and moved up ignoring her member, her dress raised further up to her chest, his lips kissing her stomach and inspecting the purple red undergarmets. his strong arms picking her up, " Where is the bedroom?" he asked her, her finger pointing to the only door in the right corner in the whole house. The light was not on in her room, sam bitting nervously on her lips. " Will you cheat on me, lie to me?" sam asked him, his head nodding a signal of aproval , " I fell in love with you since I saw your first perfomance." he confessed to her, her body dropped on the bed.

His hands exploring her body, from her legs, then to her stomach, up to her chest and last to her face and back down again repeating the accion not leaving a curve unexplored. her eyes flutering at his touch, her straps falling to her sides,her panties wet as well. " David why did I not notice you!" she questioned him through muffled breaths his index finger on her lips stoipping her from asking questions , his lips kissing her forhead. " Because I could never tell you the truth of my feelings for you" he said peeling away the underwear from her body. The judge angel with horns infront of them sniker it at her, hands clasped together in a evil manner laughing slightly. " If you bare the child, the court will punish you. " Sam heard him say, her skin glowing and feeling tingly.

Tongue sliding touching her chest, the suckle on her breast making her bite her finger, A laugh from Dave’s mouth making her arch up to look at him, " 30 years of not being with a man, and here she was with a man in her bed." it was an odd feeling she thought, ever since she had left Coral Nobody really interested her.

There where a few men, but they where all losers or pathetic men who searched and craved only one thing, her body. This one seemed different, he was interested in her, not for her body, but for her personality. How life present itself to these people was still very unusual. She was indeed in love with him, but sadly her people would never accept him. He had to be let off, she could do it cruel, or she could just let him go.

His foreplay making her desperate for making love to him, a finger sliding inside and out of her vagina, a small moan escaping her lips, but shut them up with biting them. Small massaging thrust pumping inside her body, sitting up to meet Dave’s eyes , her hand running down his chest to his belt buckle, tugging at it she noticed a smile on his lips. Undoing his buckle she felt the introduction of 3 fingers inside her pumping harder into her member. Her hand unzipping his pants feeling his hard erection. Her ear lobe possessed by Dave’s mouth suckling on it and nibbling on it teasing her, her feet bucking onto his waist around his pants and pulled them slowly down.
Her legs spread apart, She moaned a little louder when she saw his member , staring at it hungrily she was laid down on the bed. His strong hands Raising her leg again and rested it on his shoulder. His

down with her feet. her legs spread apart. she moaned a little louder and saw that she was laid down on the bed, his body untop of hers. raising her leg he rested it on his shoulder and slowly entered his member. her head lolled back as she felt tiny painfull thrust in her body as she was still not accustomed to having a man inside her again. A girls voice comming from a curtain as Sam noticed her hair being carresed. deep thrust inside her Making her feel pleasure like she never felt it before.
A girl entering suddenly , as she looked excited. She had the age of 17 no more, and wore a simple blue pastel colored dress, her hair blond with black streaks making Sam notice her “ A child will be bourne, A child will be bourne! “ she told sam, that send her flying awake from her pleasure as she saw the girl disappear, one minute she was there the next shes gone, what the hell is going on she thought.
She had blanked out for a moment, it seemed like an eternity in those seconds , she stared at dave. He was huffing and panting, her body responding involuntarily. She felt nothing, something was keeping her from feeling something. Her eyes staring at the room as she sighed and noticed the girl sitting on the chair and stare at dave then at her. Her bottom part feeling a wave of pleasure hit her, her head lolled back, Daves whispers in her ear .
Making Sam Moan in a scream she felt with her six sense his seed inside her. His member separating from her body, her hand halting him by tapping him on the shoulder. “ More give me more” she whispered in his ear and rested her face on his shoulder. His member pinning her hard again inside her as she felt her own substance ooze down into his lower body part. Dave started to move up and down inside her once more and felt his sperm as humans called it fill inside her. “ I love you.” She heard Dave say, and she sighed. “ this is not going to be easy” she thought and pushed him away and sat down beside him, Legs curled into a ball.
Her head sulked hiding it from him, as he sat down next to her . “ You have to go “ she breathed out in a harsh tone, his body sitting up as she just stared at her. “ you don’t mean it “ he yelled at her and grabbed her wrist, her hand trying to pull away from him as she stood up and walked around the room picking up his clothes. “ what happened to you, one minute you where making love to me, the next you say that I have to go” he told her as she had picked up his jeans, “ It did not mean anything to me, you got the wrong idea” she responded back to him as he banged the bedside table beside her, “bulshjit nobody gives that much passion and dedication, if you don’t have feelings towards the person you slept with. “ he whispered in her ear as she felt a Goosebumps form on her back. “ I never felt anything remotely to love for you, and if you ever did , you are a dumb fool for thinking so freely, I am a stripper my job would ask me to strip so this love that your talking about is a lie” she explained to him handing him his shirt, as she went to her closet and got some clothes to dress herself in. “ so you had no feelings for me , what so ever.” He asked her as she clutched the shirt that she had found to drape over herself , as a tear rolled down her eyes. “ No, I had no emotions of love for you” Sam said to him as she exited her room and left. The voice of the girl heard again as she appeared beside Sam , Sams eyes glaring at her as the girl chuckled. Dave, coming out of her room as he walked right past her ignoring her, as he walked out the door turning the knob and closing it with a bang. Her eyes shutting tight. “ My lady thy father asked me to accompany thee in these times of your childs birth. “ Bulshit, you came out of your own will “ Sam yelled at the girl as the girl covered her mouth and giggled. “ I guess so , I am sorry I lied “ the young woman said and extended her hand out and slid it underneath sams own arm. “ I am Sam “ She told the girl as the girl bowed her head in respect. “ I am
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hey hon! just pointing out that some things got screwed up in your entry, you might want to repost it. other than that, i love reading your work. and this made me blush ;)

TabulaRasa - 2009-06-15

btw this is Gigi

TabulaRasa - 2009-06-19

It's been a while since I've been to my own Project-Maxim and it's amazing and refreshing to read such a submission. Great work. Thank you.

brokenreality - 2009-08-21

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