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Alice walked through the circus holding her bag of chips, the light smell on incense plaguing her nose , it was exotic, and made her body relax amongst the busy tents laughter, and machines. Her eyes looking over towards a tent, as she saw it was black with red lines. Her body walked over towards it, as she saw a door ajar leading into it. Her nose smelling the rich smell of the incense again but this time it was a stronger smell. Her body going inside the tent as she notice a shadow in it, and then everything turned black. He had looked at her, her eyes her hair, why did he have to call the spirit of Effie to guide this girl to him, was he mad, and was he hopelessly in love with her.

William Crock looked at the girl in his bed, her pale face interesting him, and thrilling him, the incense always brought good things to him. She was a gem, her green eyes and golden corn color hair sending sparks to his back, and down to his male parts. His hands where shaking, the tip of his tongue trailed along his lips. The girls eyes slowly opening and staring at him first and then at her surroundings, rubbing her head checking if she had any bruises she slowly stood up and looked at me " Who are you?" She asked, his body tensing at her question.

Mama came into the room, the screams and crashing of the possessions William had in his coach being destroyed by the girl that Effie had brought her, my brother following Mama inside and saw the girl. A chuckle escaping his lips and hugged his brother, "We are happy for you to have found your bride." He patted and walked out of the tent, my mama rubbing the girl's shoulders, in comforting. The girl's eyes streaming down tears of sadness. My hand gripping my shirt and saw my sisters and sister in laws push me to the girl, and mama. My body sitting a few paces away. "William you know we don't call forth the spirits to attract our soul mates, our people are not selfish as human's we learn when it is right moment." His mother explained to him, and sat him down with the blond and left the room.

Alice sat in bed, her hair being combed by Silvia, and Pio as she sighed, the butterflies in her stomach. She had accepted the Life of a Gypsy, but could she sleep with a gypsy . She did not know, there was that officer again who had come invited to their wedding party. An old friend of her newly found family. The door to hers and Williams coach. Her green eyes seeing William enter. Her sisters leaving her with this man who was still a stranger, but she felt at ease with him. His body sitting next to her as he took her hand and petted it. The Events that would follow would scare her, or change her forever.

She combed her hair , the cold bath that she had helping her with the aftershock of jitters. Her husbands naked form lying on the bed, his golden ashen color messy, and tan olive skin glistering in the light. The coach door knocking as she went to it and saw her husband grunt and hug a pillow happily. William was pleased with taking her virginity she thought and saw his sisters surround the coach and stare at her, their straight, short, curly, and pony tailed hair. Their grins visible as she wondered if they had heard them last night. Mama entering the room as she walked over to the bed and examined the sheets. " Hmmm , and ah " heard from her lips as she walked out. Her hand grabbing Alice's hand and lead her to the big top tent. All the girls following the Mama and the new daughter in law to the tent, each one taking a seat around forming a circle. " Today, I shall know what talent you posses, and what talent I should teach you! " he told Alice and bobbed her nose as the blond smiled and stared at her mother in law with those green eyes of hers.

It had been 4 years his bride, had managed to learn the art of balance, she was good up in the sky she had become prettier through time, and as for him he got a mountain of hair, and a deep love for his wife. I suppose his enchantment had come to some use. Hans, the good family friend had become a general for the Austrian party, he would bring the couple gifts of chocolate, and would wish for them that their first bourn would be a boy. Austria had become more military concentrated after the ascension of the fuehrer and well the Gestapo had come for all the Jews. They did not worry about it, they where friends with Hans, Hans would protect them.
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You've got me hooked! This illuminates my imagination. Thank you for posting such great work.

brokenreality - 2010-03-27

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