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Opinion? Observation? Information? not shure if any apply ....maby a rant hmmm that sounds more applicable.
I find in life that not too many people ar happy or even content with there life, i watch more than anything from all these blatent examples and try to learn from there mistakes as well as my own. Primarily others though due to the fact that soo many have seen pain and tribulation in ther lives that many have lesson we are more that willing to overlook.
The grass rass is always greener on the other side of the fence they say, but i say fuck that i learned landscaping just for the reason to make mine the best lawn on the block :) But seriously, people praise the fact that they dont "let fate rule there lives" but how many stand there and let life walk on by. Far to many from my point of view and thats just a drop in the bucket, why do people have such regret over what could have been?
No point really... too many people live in the past ... I think thats honestly why we dont learn from our mistakes and only continue on to conduct the same cycle of death and rebirth.
For most the idea rebirth sounds like you turning into a butterfly and floating away, or at least thats the general opinion. But i truly believe you may be reborn in many ways throughtout life and NO not like a born again christian *raise your hands and shout amen!!* nope, i can honestly say my mind went through a period of rebirth recently with all the health problems and shit.
But you see thats what makes the sweet soo sweet in life, by god there will be bitter but take it in stride and make it a challenge, even if its the hardest danm thing youve ever done, kick it in the balls, grab it by the hornes and blast through to the next challenge. By jimminie dont believe for a second that there will not be a battle to be fought or a war to be won, even if its just between that soda or that tea.
Make a concious decision to have that choice as my brother once said and by god make it a good one you only get one, after that its all hoopla.
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by Taio


Pat, this is actually very... what's the word? True. People preach all these different things but how often do they stop and listen to what they're saying? Great job bro.

Ocid - 2009-07-27

Most say too many live in the past. I say not enough life for now. And I can't believe you took the time to write "by jimminie"... lol

brokenreality - 2010-03-27

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