Traveling Minstrel

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Being left out, high and dry
Was the worst thing I ever had to face
Beaten like a rug with your words
Your lips were brave enough to trace
Left me sitting on the curb
Guitar in hand, pocket full of dust
Avoiding confrontation, all the strangers
Walking by ignore the bust
Now I lie flat on the street
Leaving realities complications there to rust

*Dropped out of school for this
Landed on the iron fist
Failure always finds me
No matter where I go
Dropped out of school for this
Couldn't take it from my wrist
Cuffed up inside anyway
Locked up and put away*

Sitting all alone, looking through the glass
I wait for you to pick up the phone
Looking at the clock, watching time pass
You finally appear, then I wake up, you're gone
Painful ringing in my ears
Reminds me of your shrill, breaking voice
Now I'm tasting tears 'cause I never really had a choice

My life came back to haunt me
All the mistakes you never saw
And yet you make it seem so easy
To point out every single flaw
From the start of my false rebellion
To the time I broke the law
I was the girl you never knew
Though you thought you saw it all


Now I'm back out on the street
Old complications covered in rust
Pick up the silver strings again
Making my small, raw fingers bust

*refrain* x2
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by TheUsed1026


I'd be really interested to know what kind of music you write these lyrics for!

TabulaRasa - 2010-01-09

well I've been trying to work on getting a band together eventually. I'm into a lot of rock and alternative stuff. I recently started guitar so I'll see where that goes :)

TheUsed1026 - 2010-01-15

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