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Author's note: This is going to be a lot of nonsense. Fragments of ideas running around in my head that I hope to turn into a short story or even a comic book if it pans out.

I'd love lots and lots of feedback so I can keep developing this idea.

"Timeless" is the title I'm toying with.


Do you know what reincarnation is? I don't mean that nonsense religious people talk about, where you're reincarnated so that you can further you're spiritual journey. Because believe me, if God or karma have anything to do with this I must be being punished for something...and I can't recall ever having done anything wrong. So leaving God out of the equation all together, do you know what reincarnation is? For your sake I hope not. I hope you live, and you die, and then you rot in the ground, blessed by the peace and serenity of oblivion. Never forced to breathe another breath, or think another thought. Because reincarnation is torture. Plain and simple. It's never being allowed to rest. Never being able to stop. Knowing, even as you die, that you are never free. Your life is not your own, it belongs to a never ending cycle of pain and harrowing hardship. You're trapped, for eternity. And believe me, eternity is a long time. I haven't even made a dent in it and I've been reincarnating for nearly two hundred years. And do you want to know the real kicker? You don't remember. You don't recall anything. You're born, and you grow, and you live, happy and carefree, completely unaware of the hell you've experienced, completely without the knowledge of the torment that awaits you. Until one day IT happens. The big IT. The thing. The experience you are forced to relive over and over and over again. On that day you start to remember. Deja vu, you think at first. Then, when it grows too familiar, you tell yourself it reminds you of a movie you once saw, a book you once read. Only it doesn't stop there. You can't push these thoughts to the back of your mind because sooner or later you can't fight it anymore and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you've lived this before. It all comes rushing back and in that second, that moment, you are doomed. Cursed. And the past is guaranteed to repeat itself. They say you can't change your destiny. I say it's true. One hundred percent true. I would know, I've relived my destiny hundreds of times, and I will relive it hundreds more.


If you've ever watched a movie, read a book, seen a commercial or magazine ad, they will all tell you the same thing. True love is out there, just waiting for you to find it, and when you do all of your problems will be solved. You will live happily ever after. Life will be fulfilling and rewarding and you will be saved from loneliness and desperation. Well, don't worry, thats a load of crap. Love is great, it's beautiful, wonderful, magical. I've seen people in love, generation after generation, and it is special and unique and worthwhile. I've watched them meet, and fight, and makeup. Each moment spent with one another a moment to be cherished in it's own way. Love is grand. But true love? That ideal we all think we're striving for? One person, made exactly for another, perfect in every way, destined by the fates to love each other? If you ever find that person, I advise you, no, in fact, I urge you, I beg you, to run the other way and never stop running. True love is a cruel joke. It's like being shot in the heart with a flaming arrow, only instead of dropping dead your heart pumps fire into every vein, every molecule of your existence until you are writhing in pain, consumed by the blaze.


© 2010
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by TabulaRasa


Reincarnation: A tale I want to hear more of. I imagine and envision a character, one who has quite the story to tell. I sense humor, irony, and a good lesson in this. True Love: Love is a drug. It's the wound of the flaming arrow. And I implore the challenges of it to be in my life. I've seen those without love. And that is all they want.

brokenreality - 2010-03-27

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