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Alexis looked at herself in the mirror, but did not recognize the person looking back at her. She went over the bruises on her face with her hand and could not remember how they got there. She started to become so angry that she didnt notice the tears that started to flow down her cheeks. She couldnt remember how she got home, or what happened to her. All she remembered was going out to get something to eat. She remembered walking to Tony's Pizza, on Bruckner Ave, ordering a calzone, paying for it and leaving. So she decided she was going to retrace her steps after a shower. She knew a hot shower would do her good and give her a chance to inspect the rest of her body. She decided to let the bathroom steam up with the hot water running while she stood naked in front of the mirror and checked herself over. From what she could see there was nothing else to be concerned about. After her shower, she got dressed and went outside to try and retrace her steps. As soon as she got outside she put her hand in her coat pocket to get her cigarrettes and she pulled out a key she didnt recognize. She figured she would remember what it went to later so she kept walking. She was headed to Tony's pizza to see if anyone there might know what happened to her. She had already smoked two cigarrettes by the time she reached Tony's Pizza, all the while becoming more anxious, only to become even more anxious because Tony's was closed when she got there. She started to walk the same way she always walks home from Tony's to see if the walk back would spark a memory. She would soon find out she would have been better off not remembering.
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by Elicia


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