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I've wondered miles in my car
why what there who we are?
fixing things in my imagination
missing the bigger picture
how im seen or how i see

meeting in places now
faces listening and professing more
door to door making it much more
serving loyally beck and call
pulled in so many directions
who's got the bigger anchor?

why am i finding the reason
to destroy myself and not flourish?
things on my plate always piling there
late nights
stress that demotivates and chills
lost in smoke that reveals dead air
blank thoughts
dreams of grandure

finding reasons to step away
hoping to scare myself to obey
realize its not all a waste
look above the clouds
look at the eyes of your believer

is this battle?
is this real?
why me?

objects to cure the soul
objects to inspire

sweet kisses remind of fire
its all aligned
im in my prime
im the one driving
im the one who should be thrilled

dark corners and displays
my soul is digital
my breath is decay

help me fix this
to enjoy another day

Posted in Flow
by brokenreality


wow. this is beautiful. and chilling.

TabulaRasa - 2010-05-27

sounds like your lost in the muchness? made me really think. thanks.

Elicia - 2010-07-10

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