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And so there we were, holding hands in the night, staring at the sky and breathing. Just taking it all in for one, peaceful, second. Feeling our pulses move from finger to finger, our hearts racing, our feet shaking on the earth. Our minds were closed to one another, our mouths sealed shut, but our souls were open books, on display for all to see, and that was ok. The moment broke with a sigh and that's when it all began. First the leaves began to fall. The slight breeze shuffled them around our faces, a dark green whirlwind all our own. Next the grass began to shake and sway, ticking our toes, the dirt rippling around them. The trees started to shudder and tremble, moving to their own silent music. We fell back onto the ground, laughing silently, reveling in the joy and wonder. Finally, the stars started to fall, softly, one by one at first. Small embers in the dark, glowing brighter and brighter as they descended from the heavens and into our laps. As more and more fell the world was filled with white light, shining and beautiful, until the only darkness was the night sky. We stood, brushed the glowing fragments from our skin, and took one last look at that vast darkness. It seemed to go on forever. We made up our minds to leave. Just before we turned away, we saw her. The moon, hanging in that dark canopy for all to see. She smiled at us and all was right with the world.

© 2010
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by TabulaRasa


A very beautiful illustration made with wonderful words...

brokenreality - 2010-05-29

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