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Guys they say they want a girlfriend but than again they dont have time so you just leave it be and let it play out old habbits die hard they talk about us they always have a check list or what not sad part is none of that matters when youre 50 and alone and cry to youre mom but thats not the point If a lady can take care of you and youre mom at the same time you are golden call yourself lucky a guy. A lady does not kiss and tell and does not say she has friends she just says she has acquaintances .She will bare all at once but will always have you wondering.A man will show off his ego the 1st day its up to you to shut it down or not ,But me my firends I will let him have it and think what he wants to think if he happy with him self the way he is he can give some one else a headache. I wont tell you what youre flaws are so you can try to fix them but that dosent always seem to work becasue you always go back to yourself sooner or later only time can tell the next person can be a sucker ladies will tell you what you want to here just for there self sacsfaction not for yours they could care less about youre ego because that can be easily be broken like a wall the 1st thing is always no matter what even if youre hurt be yourself instead of miserable Love your self first than any one else be confident no matter what happens take chances make him think you are pleaseing him 1st but youre not hell neva noe its just ass good as faking it also a plus is giving good oral.always kepp youre self in shape even after youre married with kids let him go out do whatever no one wanst to be on a leash you always have to be one step ahead little that he knoe youve always been one step ahead of him guys thnk they can keep a girl for long if there an ego manic nope they cant because they have all these little girls chasing them around and there the ones who get hurt an take it out on the next guy but it shouldt be like that at all how can you save you live if you are being a hermit you can go out and still be a good girl and get noticed but youre not going to find any one that is loyal from a club bar etc or anything like that go for a jog in an unknown place that no one knoes you nothing better people seeing new faces while joging plus they can see youre goods up an down diffrence between a slut and a bicth a slut sleeps with you an evry one else a bitch dosent sleep with you but evry one else but besides the point idk what i am if i havent slept with evryone buti slept with you if he calls and askes you if youre being a good girl he is being a hoe a lady always kepps her mind busy and always keeping her self educated a lady will do the house work and than some she will always have youre back no matter what she will be there hot or cold she will always be youre moms friend if your with her or not once a player always a player cheat once cheat again they say guys can do it better liitle that they knoe we can fake the relationship also but we decide not to because we simply have more respect than most guys not that we think we are better than them bc we are not evry one is equal just ass good as the next person is its all on how you live life and what you make it most guys are jelause its ok to be jeluse but why not show off what you have you knoe you get that at nite an day so thats all that matters and guys think they noe how many people you slept with which is a lie most guys will say they did it when they realy dint they have no prove unless they have it on video cam hello ever herd of kegal excersie also vaginal reconstruction we are in 2010 where ladies can do it all and be wo a man thanks to toys and dogs an toy can give you pleasusre an youre dog can work you out just as much as he thinks he can so think about it next time you want to be an ego manic
last but not least dont be evry other girl and show him you care just let it be

please be free to give any advice suggestions i am not a writer this was all from the top of my head there is lots of things that needs to be fixed BIO location mass 20 years old not a writer but has writers cramp as they would say i care for peoeple at home Iam the 3rd child of four still lives 2 home but plan on having my own house one day lets just say im a leo

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