Life as it is

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Life has it ups an downs do a good deed make the next person happy for you and them you dint have to but you wanted to life is about want not need you do not need to smoke you want to but its not worth it being nice will pay off in the long run only time can tell you only need friends you can count on in one hand called yourself gifted if you have two or one good friend because all friends turn on you only time can tell god is number one besides your mother and father hes always watching over you if you dont want it done to you dont do it to someone else life is what you make it you just have to be strong an have faith in the good ole lord an be happy with the way life is going life can give you curve balls but you can shove it back were they came back from like a good game of dodge ball you can doge life all you want but it will get to you sooner or later just have to be wise an smart actions say it all the time what u see 1st hand is what you get what you hear 2nd hand is just in youre mind but if you see an hear an both is true than you dont have to worry about that person you can say you got a birds bowl movent on you
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