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dogs are a female male bestfriend they are there when you need them the most they dont talk back they dont ask for much easy to maintain easy to please they can help you out in a good or bad problem they can work you out protect you help you find friends be social keep you warm stand up for you w/o you even asking them to protect the house when you are not there they can never talk bad about you all they can do is show how happy they are when they are near you they knoe who is boos from day one till the very end a good dog dosent have to be trained an neither should people be trained flaws make people perfect an you seek for perfection you will never be happy try but you will always fail they stand there ground and knoes whats best for you and they take action up to them an attack when need to be you dont have to get them fixed if you dont want to they came on this world as is than leave it like that dont try to change anything thats perfect the way it is
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