A New Day?

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How many times have you had those days where things are starting to go better and this seem like they start to pan out?? thats what i'm having currently, things look up so the question here is do you enjoy the peace while its there or do you hop on and make it a point to expand? I think the better of the two would be to haul some serious ass, make it a point to change this situation i am in. Theres a depression going on out there people.... i think zombie is right, it would be easier for people to handle themselves in a zombie apocalypse than a financial destabilization of the government.

The fact is you want change? then change things, you see that there should be a clear difference made in the world then do it! Me myself i'm starting my own business, its a cheesy idea a great one all at once:) so i'm making it a point to work out now, get my finances in order and make a clear difference in my life. Make your life what you want it to be.... wouldn't you tell your children that they could accomplish anything??? then what holds us adults up???

Well thats my opinion anyway my point of view is dramatically different from others and i'm danm proud of it :) Also cant wait for the Z day :):):)
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by Taio


Now that's what I'm talkin bout!

brokenreality - 2011-02-12

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