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I't all started the that morning... wait no afternoon, thats right i work nights and it always fuck's with my equilibrium and time frame. That afternoon i woke up in the usual fashion I always had my itouch set to play the sound of raining with thunder in the background, it always makes me pass out easy. Stretched as i got up and realized my alarm clock didn't go off and showed 1:56 when my ipod clearly said 6:00pm... Hmm power must have went out, this fucking apartment always had shitty electrical since he could remember.

I did my morning/afternoon stretches as i was trying to loose this danm gut i so dearly nursed since being out of the corp. Boy if myself five years ago could see myself no he would kick my ass.... On to the afternoon leftovers... as usual not shit in the fridge except microwave shit. That was always the disadvantage of working nights a little more dough with the gut to compliment, boy i miss a home cooked meal. Then on to the morning cigarette, refreshing and remarkably reminds me how much these smokes taste like shit seriously i need to get into shape. I remember jumping in the shower thankfully, what i wouldn't do to take a nice hot shower....

That night after playing battlefield 2 for a few hours a fellow team mate asked me where i was located and i let him know that i was proudly a new yorker. He was silent so i made my usual smart ass comment and he stopped me half way through and said dude seriously take a look outside, what the hell are you talking about? I said. I'll never forget the next thing that came out of that microphone....dude....theres an outbreak of some fucked up virus or something all over... the media only told us so much,.... just that its bad dude they evacuated new york and most of the north east americas.........


(to be continued)
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by Taio


lol awesome

brokenreality - 2011-02-21

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