Its a Balancing Act

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"Distance makes the heart grow fonder" atleast thats what they say
or is "out of sight, out of mind" that game in which you play?
because id scream untill my veins collapsed untill you understand
that when i said "i want this to work out" it means im reaching for your hand
because i tell myself all day long that you love and care for me
but when your not here and never call i lose my sainity
then my mind start webbing fucked up thoughts that i cant escape
and i wait and wait and wait and WAIT to find out our loves fate
and i hold on to your "i love you"'s like im falling from a ledge
and i climb back up and teeter todder on the fucking edge
of "everything is alright" and "i cant take anymore"
and before i know it your back again, and my hearts an open door
and you come walking in and everything seems to be just fine
but you leave and im a wreck back on that skinny titerope line
so please tell me now in words, will this all turn out alright?
or should i just lose my balence, and end this all tonight?
Posted in Poetry
by Necrophile23


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