I'm blessed with a curse

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I'm blessed with a curse.
What would you do if you had everything you wanted except the ability to use it/them.
God blessed me with the good looks yet I'm shy and not interested in sex.
God blessed me with high IQ but low communication skills.
God blessed me with creative and talented computer abilities yet not the will to use them.
God blessed me with ability to create new math formulas yet I can't past my math exam which keeps me from getting my diploma.
(revered by university professors - helped them with their thesis , successfully finished 4 research projects yet feared I might take their position if I graduate).
Have the ability to earn millions yet no will to do so.
Surrounded by CEO's yet refusing their offers for help.
Had the will to work. fix and do chores without complaining yet know I don't even want to get up.
They always think that I'm to good to be true. I could see it in their eyes, I know what people would do next the moment they think of by reading it in their eyes - yet another curse.
Dreams are my salvation. imagination is my limit. All I want to do is to sleep 24/7 till eternity. Even in the room full of friends I like to talk only to myself. I hate when people try to scheme, it's always obvious. Some think they are smarter than other yet all people are the same. Some choose ignorance to have bliss some choose advancement and others are cursed to have neither.
Since when being too good, putting other peoples feelings in front of yours, refusing the money given for the job exceptionally well done became a bad thing in this world. I'm not even sure if I want to stay here anymore. I'm not even afraid of hell anymore...
Be careful what you wish for. It might cost you a life in this world.....
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by nemo


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