There inside lies the revelations and truth

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I lay here
Covered in thorns and nicks from the blades of your mouth
DId you realise how deeply you cut me?
Did you realise how much it hurts?
DO you honestly care?
No matter what i say you never listen
My words fall into the crevice of bleakness
Falling deeper and deeper in the abyss
Every once and awhile a little echo squeaks out through the crevice
Years old by the time it reaches the surface
Barely audible to human ears
To be honest you only care after you see the concequences
After you see what had happened
The fact that you only care one the pain as reared it's bulbous head is scary to be quite frank
Then you claim it's xenogeneic
That it wasn't your fault
that i should have been stronger and kept you at bay
This is the sad fact of reality
The truth we all keep hidden to make ourselves seem like pious christians or devotes
Our Souls weep as it faces the truth everday
it's tears slide down into our hearts creating another icy cold layer
We roll out eyes and suck our teeth
An act that we developed to show displeasure or irritation,but could it quite possibly be the facade our soul is portraying
saying that there is something there
That we are not just carcass devoid of warmth and generosity
The few of us that do display generosity and kindness,that truly express their feelings and show their souls,are treated as weak and feeble
When in fact we may be the strongest of all.
We are the ones who bear our souls and hearts for the world to see.
We show reserve and hush so we don't hurt others feelings.
We are ones who are constantly hurt and betrayed,yet we cover up the scars on our souls and hearts,the turn to the next person just as kind as before.
we don't past judgements on people we don't know
we know that not everyone is the same
That attitudes get nothing done and only make things worse,
That no matter how reserved and distant that someone is,that possibly if we are kind and gently knead and pull at their flesh that maybe we can ignite a flame inside
That kindness might spark a clandestine catalyst in your sould
we also know that if we continue to nurture that flame
Maybe,just maybe you'd become one of us
the question is will you want to join or will you shout know without ever knowing what it's like to be on our side
Posted in Poetry
by CondemnedChild


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