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Time and distance
these are the only things i comprehend now
the amount of time left before an empty space fills
How many minutes until you get back?
about 999,999,999 i'd tell you a the drop of a hat
Forget the numbers
forget what matters
let's think back
think of the times you wrapped me in your arms
think of the time you promised you'd be back
yet it can't change the clock
no matter how hard i try to move them,the arms stay still
they stand like cement pillar columns
never swaying,never moving
it's as if they torment me
faces spout along the columns
they flash from anger to sadness,and in between
I curl into a ball
one that even an rolly pollies or an armadillo would be proud of
There i remain
through winter,spring,then back again
i wait
waiting for the day you return
the day you scoop me into your arms and say it's okay
Posted in Poetry
by CondemnedChild


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